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Carpet & General cleaning services

pH Carpet Cleaning is the company who provide specialist services to homeowners, landlords, and business owners throughout West & North Yorkshire.

Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets will eventually get dirty that is an inevitable fact of life. Floor coverings are going to be affected by everyday contact from foot traffic and airborne soiling. The exact nature of this dirt may not always be identified easily, some carpets, for instance, are sold on their Soil Hiding qualities. The wearability of carpets can be reduced significantly through the lack of quality maintenance procedures that should include PROFESSIONAL cleaning as part of a regular program. Some facts about carpets: Carpet can hold up to 4x it’s weight in dirt, become infested with allergens, can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It does help considerably if the carpet has been chosen with care to suit the particular environment that it is going to be situated within. Very often the incorrect choice has been made which compounds the many problems that may be countered in trying to provide a quality of work that is going to meet the customer’s expectations.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process.

Step 1: Inspection of the carpet.

Step 2: Pre-vacuuming. The first important stage of all cleaning processes is to remove as much dry soiling as possible before wetting the carpet. Time spend on this operation can be amply repaid in reduced cleaning time and consumption of cleaning agents. Around 80-85% of soiling in carpet is dry particulate dust/grit type soiling.

Step 3: Spot-treatment and pre-spray of high-traffic areas to prepare these areas for a more thorough cleaning than more lightly used areas.

Step 4: Rotating brush machine is using for agitation of carpet to allow the cleaning solution to penetrate and loosen the soil.

Step 5: Use of Hot Water Extraction. It involves a combination of hot water and cleaning agents being injected into the fibres of a carpet at high pressure and all lifted soil being removed by a powerful vacuum.

Step 6: Post-cleaning spot-treatment, as needed to remove any remaining spots. (Please note that stains indicated as permanent during our pre-inspection may not be completely removed.).

Step 7: Walk-through and inspection to ensure that you are pleased with results.

How long will it take for our carpets to dry?

Your carpets are cleaned right down to their base but because most of the water is then quickly extracted your carpets are left around 80% dry. Depending on factors such as the time of year, ventilation and heat in the property, carpets will usually take between 2 to 5 hours to completely dry.

What do we need to be supplied?

We will need cold water and power supplied by the customer to complete cleaning.

General Cleaning

Living in a clean environment is number one of priority for health. So, why not to keep your lovely home tidy and shiny all the time? 

We offer verity services like - End of Tenancy, Moving-in, Kitchen, Bathroom Deep cleaning with additional service of Carpet/Upholstery cleaning. 

We use colour coding when we clean which prevents from cross-contamination. What's more, we use the latest cleaning products in the market so, that we can deliver professional cleaning with the Best result. 

Therefore, our staff has been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (called DBS) and we have all the necessary insurance. 

Our general cleaning services.

End of Tenancy, Moving-in, One-off cleaning & Regular cleaning.

End of Tenancy cleaning. 

Many UK landlords may withhold some or all of your initial deposit if you do not return the property in a spick and span state. That why it is very important to End of Tenancy deep cleaning with additional Carpet cleaning service.

Moving-in cleaning.

We will make your new home spotless and ready for your arrival. 

Regular cleaning.

Our regular cleaning is based on a minimum 6-month contract.

What are we cleaning? 

  • Bedroom: Cobwebs removed (ceiling, wall), Ceiling lights and wall lights, All sockets and switches, Internal doors (spot cleaned (including top of architrave) (dusted))), All furniture – cupboards, Windows, sills and frame (inside), Radiators (front, sides, top), Carpet Vacuumed, Carpet washed (deep cleaning), Skirting’s dusting and wiped, Mirrors/mirrors frame.
  • Reception room: Cobwebs removed (ceiling, wall), Ceiling lights and wall lights, Skirting’s dusting and wiped, Windows, sills and frame (inside), All sockets and switches, All furniture-sideboards, Radiators (front, sides, top), Internal doors (spot cleaned (including top of architrave) (dusted))), Carpet Vacuumed, Carpet washed (deep cleaning), Mirrors/mirrors frame.
  • Hallway: Cobwebs removed (ceiling, wall), Ceiling lights and wall lights, All sockets and switches, Skirting’s dusting and wiped, Banister dusting and wiped, Handrails dusting and wiped, Spindles dusting and wiped, Mirrors/mirrors frame, Carpet vacuumed, Carpet washed (deep cleaning).
  • Kitchen: Cobwebs removed (ceiling, wall), Ceiling lights and wall lights, Skirting’s dusting and wiped, Radiators (front, sides, top), All sockets and switches, High dusting, Cupboards (inside) must be empty by customer prior cleaning, Cupboard (outside), Drawers (inside) must be empty by customer prior cleaning, Drawers (outside), Backsplash and tiles, Worktop, Hob, Cooker, Fridge/freezer (outside), Fridge / freezer (inside) must be empty by customer prior cleaning, Washing machine (outside), Dishwasher (outside), Tumble dryer (outside), Microwave (inside and outside), Sink, Picture frame, Floor (mopping), Internal doors (spot cleaned (including top of architrave, dusted)).
  • Bathroom: Cobwebs removing (ceiling, wall), Ceiling lights and wall lights, All sockets and switches, Mirrors/mirrors frame, Bath Shower, Shower runner, Glassed screens, Bathtub, Tiles, Tiles seams, Sink, Furniture (inside and outside), Skirting’s dusting and wiped, Windows sills and frame (inside), Radiators (front, sides, top), Toilet roll holder, Floor (mopping), Internal doors (spot cleaned (including top of architrave) (dusted))).


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