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pH Carpet Cleaning is proud of providing spots and stains removal services in North Yorkshire. We use a variety of Eco professional chemicals, which quickly removes spots and stains from carpets. We use the best carpet cleaning equipment, all our machines are from Airflex Storm. Above all, Airflex Storm is the leaders in carpet cleaning equipment.

Our Spot and Stain removal process:

Spot and stains removal process includes the following steps:

  • Survey Report. 
  • Assess the type of spot or stain.
  • Determine any prior removal attempts and prior damage caused. 
  • Identify the fibers and the construction of the item to be worked on.
  • Discussing the possible limitations of the removal attempt with the client.
  • Matching the client’s expectations with reality. 
  • Note the details of the discussion on the survey form PRIOR to any further attempt to remove the stain. 
  • Setting up a workstation on a chemical proof protective sheet. Placing all utensils and equipment to be used on the protective sheet. 
  • Setting up an extraction machine ready to rinse out chemicals being used.  
  • After stain removal is complete we rinsing area and dries it off. 


We are dealing with spots and stains removal like oil, tar, grease, make-up, sticky tape residue, glue, ink, shoe polish, nail polish, resin, gum, red wine, fruit juice, coffee and tea stains, and most others.

pH Carpet Cleaning ALWAYS test each chemical that will be about to use in an inconspicuous area of the carpet or upholstery fabric prior to treating them, often more exposed affected area.

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