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upholstery cleaning process

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery fabrics will eventually get dirty - that is an inevitable fact of life. They are going to be affected by everyday contact from wear and tear also airborne soiling. The exact nature of this dirt is different to that found on carpets and the very nature of the more delicate fabrics means and the very nature of the more delicate fabrics means different techniques need to be incorporated into the cleaning process. The wearability of fabrics can also be reduced significantly through the lack of quality maintenance procedures that should include professional cleaning as part of a regular.


Our cleaning processes.

Step 1: Inspection of the upholstery.

Step 2: Pre-vacuuming. The first important stage of all cleaning processes is to remove as much dry soiling as possible before wetting the upholstery. Time spend on this operation can be amply repaid in reduced cleaning time and consumption of cleaning agents. Around 80-85% of soiling in upholstery is dry particulate dust/grit type soiling.

Step 3: Pre-spray of chemicals.

Step 4: Agitation of the upholstery to allow the solution to penetrate and loosen the soil.

Step 5: Extraction. Water and cleaning agents being injected into the fibres and all lifted soil being removed by a powerful vacuum.

Step 6: Post-cleaning spot-treatment, as needed to remove any remaining spots. (Please note that stains indicated as permanent during our pre-inspection may not be completely removed.).

Step 7: Post-inspection to ensure that you are pleased with results.

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