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Our chairs and sofas are the life and soul of our homes; that’s where we host our friends, nurse our children and relax in the evenings with our favourite television series. Even though we use our upholstery so much, they’re often one of the last household items that we think to clean because the dirt isn’t always visible. It’s easy to remember to spot clean our sofa if we spill coffee on it, or drop some of our dinners, but it’s often the dirt that we can’t see that builds up over time and can cause issues such as mites and allergies. The dirt that we don’t notice can create the biggest problems for the upholstery itself, as well as your health and overall cleanliness of your home. Wiping your upholstery and surface cleaning it regularly is good practice and should be done as part of your cleaning routine. However, having your upholstery cleaning service by a professional cleaner is an imperative part of furniture maintenance and can help keep your sofas and chairs in good condition and keep the material from fading. pH Carpet Cleaning offers a cleaning service across West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire for both domestic and commercial purposes. We use Sapphire Upholstery professional tool which has been designed to allow to extract in both directions for the best cleaning performance and leaving your furniture very dry. We are specializing in Fabric / Leather upholstery, Cushion cleaning & Armchair cleaning.

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